We consume printed products regularly. We skim flyers pinned to community boards while we wait for our morning coffee, we offer business cards to new acquaintances randomly met, we read restaurant menus as our stomachs grumble demanding a decision. Checking the mail, flipping through a book, reading a magazine…as digital as our lives are, print materials are still very tangible. Design plays a vital role in the creation of this day-in-day-out visual-physical relationship.

Printed Materials Make an Impact

The same rules of the digital world apply: you have to stand out in a world oversaturated with imagery.

But, oddly, instead of replacing print materials, the plethora of digital ads and media flying past our vision has given print a second wind. We do so many things electronically that the tangible goods we receive make a solid impression when paired with creative design. Think of that box subscription you use; their packaging probably made you love their service before you even had a chance to see what was inside. Imagine that same product in a plain box…less exciting, right. Packaging like this is merely using Print Design and Branding well; we’ll be creating an opportunity to reinforce who you are and encouraging your clientele to get more out of an experience.

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